Our Garden Route Itinerary – Part 3 – Plett and surrounds

Plettenberg (or Plett as it is widely known in South Africa) is a seaside town on the Garden Route. Popular with the youngsters and local tourists who live inland in SA, and flock here over the holidays. Plett has some of the most pristine swimming beaches so it becomes extremely popular over peak periods. If you travelling solo or as couple, I would highly recommend visiting during off peak periods. On route from Knysna to Plett there are loads to do, so i have included them here as well as what we got up to in Plett.

Knysna to Plett

There are loads of farm stalls, animal parks and sanctuaries from Knysna to Plett. We don’t generally support parks that keep animals in small enclosed spaces. Unfortunately you only find out after you have paid entrance fees and realise this is not cool. Plan your itinerary based on what appeals to you, and be a responsible traveller. For that reason I have not included these establishments in the list below:

  • Harkeville hiking and mountain biking trails
  • Garden of Eden – Just off the main highway. You cannot miss it. Take a walk through the indigineous forest.
  • Kranshoek nature walk – Coastal scenery, indigineous forest, and waterfalls await.


Everyone knows Plett for its beaches right?! Yet there are so many hidden gems in this part of town. First up, the wine farms! I had no idea there were wine farms with delicious fare on offer. Plett has some of the best restaurants in all of the Garden Route (me thinks). And we loved every minute of our hike to Robberg Nature Reserve. Here’s what we got up to:

  • Wine Farms – there are a number of wine farms to choose from and because we were in a sedan, we chose the farm closest to the main highway due to road conditions. We managed to get a booking same day and Newstead Farm welcomed us graciously. We had a long lunch overlooking their scenic vineyard. Save it for a bleak day if you have any.
  • Robberg Nature Reserve – the Robberg hike is not difficult at all (unless you like us and unfit) and because there are 2km, 5km and 9km routes, it is flexible if you hiking with kids or the elderly. Because the hikes start on a cliff along the coast, it is breathtaking from start to end. There are a number of viewpoints and benches along the way if you want to picnic or take a break. After this, you will ask yourself what you doing in an office all day! 🙂
  • Lookout Beach – the Lookout Beach is one the main beaches in Plett. It’s flat structure allows for expansive views of the shoreline and the coast. The Lookout Deck is a great spot for sundowners if you not keen on a beach day and prefer to enjoy the views from the deck instead.
  • Keurboomstrand – great for a lovely walk on the beach. More importantly dont miss out on having an amazing italian lunch at the local hangout, Enrico’s, with the best views of the ocean.

Where to eat – are you in for a treat!

  • Best seafood restaurant on the Garden Route – The Fat Fish
  • Best Italian restaurant with ocean views – Enrico’s at Keurboomstrand
  • Wine farm restaurant with vineyard views – Newstead Farm
  • Sundowners – The Lookout Deck

Do secure bookings where possible.

Where did we stay?

We always try to stay at more than one place to be able to experience the offering and of course share it with you.

  • Sky Villa Boutique Hotel
  • The Robberg Beach Lodge

Sky Villa Boutique Hotel

On the last night of our holiday, we discovered the Sky Villa Boutique Hotel in Plett. This hotel is tastefully decorated, with spacious rooms, beautiful gardens, 180 degree sea views, and luxurious linen. It is also a fantastic spot for sundowners. It may not be a beachside property but the overall experience more than makes up for it.

Next up, Tsitsikamma….

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