Planning a beach holiday…

First up, you need to subscribe to popular airline and travel agency newsletters for special offers.

Some of these sites may be familiar to you e.g. Harvey World Travel, Thompsons Travel, Pentravel etc.

More often than not, booking the flight and hotel separately can work out more expensive than a travel package. Travel packages generally include a few freebies, as well as return transfers. These are offered by travel agents and tour companies, like those mentioned above.

If you have the luxury of time, go directly to the airline and hotel websites, to confirm if the package is in fact a good deal. Don’t forget to include the cost of a return shuttle ride. Return transfers are generally shuttles or hotel transport that is pre-arranged and included to the cost. These should never be discounted, especially if you travelling abroad and need to settle the cost of this is in a major currency, like US Dollars.

Most packages are for 7 nights, so if you notice a package for 5 or 6 nights, please be wary of these. However, if you on a budget, request a quote for fewer nights.

Once you have a shortlist of where you’d like to stay, always read up on the traveller reviews. Based on your individual preferences, it will give you a good sense of which property would most suit you.

Here we use either Trip Advisor or

I’ve heard of families and bigger groups negotiating directly with hotels but am yet to try this.

Always check the weather, and best time to travel, before you decide on a destination.

Just use google – “Best time to go to Seychelles”

Most packages offer either breakfast and dinner, or what is called all-inclusive.

All inclusive packages generally include lunch as an add-on, afternoon tea and snacks, soft-drinks, water and selected alcoholic beverages. We’ve found that this is great value for money, as food and drinks can be very expensive when charged in major currency, like US Dollars or Euros. If the option is available and your budget allows, you should really consider it.

If you cost conscious, consider staying at two different hotels. Often the hotels a street away from the beach are less expensive. Stay a fancy resort for a few days, and then move on to something more affordable or vice versa. Most resorts are situated on public beaches, so you can still access the beach regardless of whether you a resident or not.

Some resorts allow for day visitors. Before you finalise your travel arrangements, pop the best ones an email to find out more. From what i understand, your visit has to be pre-arranged and a daily fee applies. This way you can make a more informed and responsible decision.

Truth be told, we splurge on beach holidays especially when the resort we’ve chosen is in a remote location away from restaurants and shops etc. If you going to burn holes in your pocket, make sure that you do your research and your resort has good reviews.


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