Our weekend getaway to Clarens

We hope you enjoyed watching what we got up to in Clarens!

Clarens is a quaint town in South Africa and home to the Golden Gate National Park. It is characterised by huge mountain cliffs and is popular for hiking and mountain biking. Only four hours from Johannesburg, it makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

Here’s a list of things to see and do in Clarens:

  • Hike up the Brandwag Buttres in the Golden Gate National Park.
  • Take a scenic drive in the Golden Gate National Park.
  • Early morning walk to the beautiful Kloof Dam.
  • Stroll around Clarens Square, and browse the clothing stores, antique furniture, art galleries, restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Tea-time is a must at Highlands Coffee. And if beer is more your thing, stop at Clarens brewery for their beer tasting.
  • For the sports fanatics, there are loads of mountain biking, trail running and hiking routes, waiting to be discovered.
  • For dinner, make a booking ahead of time at the famous Clementines. Just google best restaurants before you go. There’s a few others.
  • The one thing we didn’t do, *sadface* is take a photo at the famous Clarens frame. But like Envor says, “Let’s leave something for next time, Fem.” 🙂

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