Our favourite things to do in Paternoster

Often referred to the ‘Greece’ of South Africa with it’s azure waters and white-washed houses, it is no wonder that Paternoster is a highly sought after tourist destination, and one of the most Instagrammable places in South Africa.

A little bit about Paternoster

  • It is one of the oldest fishing villages in South Africa.
  • Paternoster means ‘Our Father’ in Latin.
  • Paternoster is situated on the Cape West Coast; about two hours from Cape Town.

Our favourite things to do in Paternoster

1. Long lazy lunches with sea views

Paternoster is popular for its breathtaking views. But it’s also a foodie haven, and home to some of the best restaurants in South Africa.

2. Walks on the beach

Watching the locals walk their dogs and take long strolls on the beach is something to be seen.

3. Watching the sun set on the West Coast

This is one of the most amazing sunsets you will ever experience. After the sun goes down, be patient and watch the sky transform into an artist’s muse.

4. Shopping for arts and crafts

Shop for art, curios, and crafts at little shops strewn all over town.

5. Stargazing at night

Living in a big city, you seldom get to see the stars like you do in Paternoster.

6. Exploring the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

The Cape Columbine Nature reserve is situated along a rocky stretch of coastline, with the only manually operated lighthouse in South Africa. More on this later in the blog.


7. Catching a few waves

Brave enough to get into the cold water, although catching a few waves is always fun.

8. Whale-watching in season

In season, look out for the whales.

More on Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

  • The reserve is only 5km so one can easily see it all in a few hours, including the lighthouse.
  • It is on gravel road but can be accessed easily from Paternoster by car.
  • There are chalets and campsites within the reserve, and one is free to picnic and swim.
  • A minimal fee of R29 per person applies for visitors.
  • The lighthouse is only accessible on weekdays.

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